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The Hedgery
Hedgehog Adoption Application

Please fill out the form below, all fields are REQUIRED. Please realize that the ADOPTION APPLICATION and the QUIZ are two separate FORMS. Read instructions carefully. The Application Form appears in sections with a progress bar, use the NEXT button within the FORM to move through the Application. Once you have completed the Application, a SUBMIT button will appear. Once you SUBMIT the Application, a confirmation message will appear. The QUIZ button on the bottom of this page WILL NOT SUBMIT your application, it will take you to another form where you can answer questions on husbandry and care. The Quiz questions are only to get an understanding on where you are in your hedgeucation. Once the application and quiz have been submitted, I will contact you once you have been approved, you may then place a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit as well as any travel or setup fees and either choose your hedgehog or be placed on the Wait List.

If the page looks blank, please scroll up!

The Appliation Form appears in sections, you must complete all sections by using the NEXT button before a SUBMIT button will appear. The QUIZ button below will NOT SUBMIT your application.

Do NOT click this button unless you have clicked the SUBMIT button on the Application Form ABOVE

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