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The Hedgery
Meet The Herd

Updated 10/26/23
This page is dedicated to my breeding herd. These animals are not for sale. You can find retired adults and babies for sale on the Available Hedgehogs page, or check out the Upcoming Litters page. I've had quite a few changes in the herd lineup, many of my breeders have retired this season and I've got some new blood in which is super exciting!

Special Note: The Halloween themed pictures didn't turn out the best because my lighting setup was not working correctly. These photos only work as the theme is spooky anyway, but they don't do enough justice to the actual colors of the hedgehogs. I have since fixed my lights and taken a fall/thanksgiving theme photo shoot where the colors of the hogs actually match the descriptions in their bios lol!

The Ladies

Wilhelmina (aka Mina)

Color: Light Gray
Mask Type: Dual Badger
Eyes: Black
Other Markings and Traits: Pinto

Mina is the hedgehog that started it all! This sweet mamma is retired but is staying with me! She has produced some wonderful babies and I hope to carry on her line for many generations to come. She's only listed here as an honorary mention.


Color: Enigma
Mask Type: Heavy Quad Badger
Eyes: Black
Other Markings and Traits: n/a
Breeder: Pixie Pets (PIXI)

This little girl was bred here in 2023. Her coloring has taken some very interesting turns and I can't wait to see what she produces. Her first litter will be Fall/Winter 23/24.

Phoenix (Nix)

Color: Deep Brown
Mask Type: Full
Eyes: Black
Other Markings and Traits: n/a
Breeder: Primal Exotics (PRIM)

Nix has produced some beautifully dark babies and my mystery surprise Kalani. She is a wonderful mother. Can't wait to see what else she has in store for my program.


Color: Apricot
Mask Type: Dual Badger
Eyes: Ruby
Other Markings and Traits: Low Snowflake
Breeder: Willow's Prickle (WPHH)

Helena is on the shy side but I hope she'll make an excellent momma and give me more beautiful apricots. This lady wanted no part of picture day!