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The Hedgery
Meet The Herd

Updated 2/16/23
This page is dedicated to my breeding herd. These animals are not for sale. You can find retired adults and babies for sale on the Available Hedgehogs page, or check out the Upcoming Litters page. I've had quite a few changes in the herd lineup, many of my breeders have retired this season and I've got some new blood coming in which is super exciting!

Wilhelmina (aka Mina)

Mina is the hedgehog that started it all! This sweet mamma is retired but is staying with us!

The Ladies


Toffee came to Pixie Pets from Doan's SpikeAdelic Hedgehogs. She is a sour puss but we love her anyway! This grouch face was not ready for picture day. She will be retiring later this year.

Phoenix (Nix)

Nix came to Pixie Pets from Primal Exotics. She's had her first litter this winter and I can't wait to show off what she's done for our program!

Helena (previously "Helga")

This little girl just came to me from Willow's Prickle, she's got a lot of growing up to do before she joins my breeding program. (Photo credit to Willow's Prickle)


This little girl was just bred here and isn't even out of the nest yet. She has an amazing purple/blue tone to her gray hairs with some of the same tone in her quills and covering the skin of her back. She's got a lot of growing up to do before she joins my breeding program, can't wait to see how her color progresses over time!