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The Hedgery
Meet The Herd

Updated 12/27/22
This page is dedicated to my breeding herd. These animals are not for sale. You can find Available babies and retired breeders here and Upcoming Litters here.

The Ladies

Wilhelmina (aka Mina)

Mina is the hedgehog that started it all! This sweet mamma is retired but is staying with us!


Toffee came to Pixie Pets from Doan's SpikeAdelic Hedgehogs (Southern Indiana). She is a sour puss but we love her anyway!

Phoenix (Nyx)

Nyx came to Pixie Pets from Primal Exotics (Michigan). She's having her first litter this winter. Can't wait to see what she does for our program! Photo and Video credit to Vee Lynch (Primal Exotics)

The Boys

Toronto (aka Toro aka T-Bag)

Toronto was originally imported out of Canada. He is a grumpy one eyed pirate but loves his wheel and out of cage time.

Charlie Murphy (aka Charlie)

Charlie was bred here at Pixie Pets. He is a hefty boy who loves his food (a little too much). He's pretty laid back but hates his belly rubbed.