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The Hedgery
Available Hedgehogs

Page Updated 3/25/24

I still have 2 girls and 1 boy left, reserve yours today by filling out the Hedgehog Adoption Application! I aslo still have 1 adult hedgehog looking for his quillever home!

If you live in Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan, I would be willing to meet up for a fee of $50 per hour, up to 3hrs, anything over that requires a transporter. Transport to other states can be arranged for a flat rate fee of $200. ALL Meet Up or Transport fees are due at time of Deposit, NO exceptions. You can find more information on the Hedgehog Policies page and the Hedgehog Adoption Q&A page.

Available Babies

Below are all the babies available. In order to adopt a baby, you must fill out the Hedgehog Adoption Application, once you have been notified as approved, you will be allowed to purchased the $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Once your deposit has been made, you will get to chose your baby! Babies are $250 and up.


Below are adults that I have available. In order to adopt, you must fill out the Hedgehog Adoption Application and have been notified that you have been approved. Once Approved, you will be given access to place your $50 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit. DEPOSIT is mandatory, NO exceptions! As these guys are ready to go home now, be prepared to offer proof of setup asap. I am always happy to help fine tune your setup, I make complete semi custom setups and sell individual items as well!

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