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Upcoming Pairings

Updated 2/16/23
This page is to show off all the pairings planned for this season and next. These animals are not for sale. Babies from these pairings will be listed on the Available Geckos page when they become ready to go. If you are interested in a baby from a particular pairing, feel free to Contact me.


Sugar Rush (Dragon Licks) x Mercury Poisoning

Mercury was paired to Sugar Rush of Dragon Licks before she came to me and had a couple of moths of laying me one egg at a time and then quit on me. So Dragon Licks and I will be trying this pairing again. Pic of Sugar Rush credit to Dragon Licks.

Cheesecake Drizzle x Gypsy Danger

Not sure what I'm going to get out of this pairing but I've got to try gypsy at least once. Expecting some funky things!


Bumblebee x Juniper

Hoping to carry on some orange with this pairing. Juniper is of weight but not age and Bee still has some growing up to do, so they will kick off my 2024 season.

Bumblebee x Starfire

Hoping to carry on some orange with this pairing. Not sure if Starfire will be ready for the season, so we'll see.

Cheescake Drizzle x Sage Derby

Not sure what I'll get out of this pairing. It'll be my little experiment for the season.