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Crested Gecko Care Guide
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Morphs and Traits

This page is will help you determine what morph your crested gecko is and what traits it has.

What is a Morph and what is a trait, and what the heck is the difference?

In simple terms, a Trait is a single characteristic that can be passed on from parent to offspring. Examples would be reverse pinstripes, fringe, furred, etc. A Morph is used to describe animals that have one or more than one visual trait that contributes to their appearance. Examples would be harlequin, lily white, brindle, etc. You can have a gecko that is an established Morph type express additional traits that do not belong to the Morph. Examples would be a harlequin with dalmation spots. Below is a simple graphic (credit Erica Yamamoto) with some examples of morphs and traits. I am currently working on my own graphics to include more known examples. You can also check out Lil Monster's Foundation Genetics page for a much deeper dive into crested gecko genetics.

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