Here is where you can find all the latest updates and news from Pixie Pets. I will try to make regular updates on things like site changes, available animals, program additions, and future plans. Updates will be listed from newest to oldest.


Pixie Pets is having a Summer SALE on baby hedgehogs! All babies have been reduced to $150!


Unfortunately I have been overwhelmed with people placing deposits on babies and backing out of sales the day they are supposed to pickup their hedgehog. While deposits are non-refundable, the goal for my program is not to sit around and collect deposits. I do not breed on a large scale and usually have a full wait list before I even have a litter born so that each of my babies finds a home. So I have decided that I will be increasing the amount of the deposit from $50 to $100 in the hopes that less people will be impulsive and really think if they want a hedgehog before placing said deposit and wasting everyone's time. I have also decided that if you require transport through a 3rd party, those fees will be due at the time of deposit placement. Too many people are waiting too long and setting up transport to other states takes time and I am at the mercy of the 3rd party's schedule. You can read about all of these changes on the Q&A page as well as the policies page. People also have not been reading the hedgeucation guide, so I have made a short quiz to go along with the adoption application. Both must be filled out in order to adopt from me. The last change I have made is that all babies are  now $275 regardless of color, markings, or pattern, except for dark full masks.


All of Toffee's babies are doing well, they have transitioned to hard food and all but the runt have been separated from mom. Babies have been posted on the available hedgehogs page.

In other news, I've updated the herd page as there's been a few changes in the line up. I am still debating on next pairings but will finalize my choices soon.


In other other news, I still have yet to make my gecko pages... one day...



Toffee is doing well with her litter of 5, she is way more tolerant of them than she is of me HA! I've confirmed 3 boys and 2 girls! They are almost 3 weeks right now and in another week or so I will allow the wait list to choose before opening adoptions to the public.


I'm sad to say that winter brought us some heartache this year, we lost 2 litters and a momma. Breeding hedgehogs is no easy feat. Toffee has lifted our spirits by providing us with a healthy litter of 5 yesterday I will be contacting waitlisters for picks after they are out of the danger zone. Toffee is a very attentive momma, but very overprotective,  fingers crossed that she remains unstressed.

In regards to my crested gecko program, we have acquired 2 more geckos with plans to add more in the near future. These juvies are growing out nicely and will hopefully have their first breeding seasons next year!


Wailist has chosen their babies, Athena's litter will be ready to go home soon. Winter Pairings have been made with Hazel showing the most promise, we will be on baby watch again soon! Waitlist is open for babies from Hazel's litter.

In other news, I've added 2 new crested geckos to my upcoming breeding program. Hope to have care guides and pictures up soon.


Athena's litter of 5 is doing great! Waitlisters can soon choose their babies. I have also made my pairings for winter babies, pictures will be up soon of the pairs.


Finally got around to uploading pictures for The Herd page, Past Litters Page, and Upcoming Litters. Next on the list is getting cage supplies together for a photo shoot, Pixie Pets is now offering full cage setups!

In other news, I have branched out from hedgehogs and purchased my first crested gecko! She is a beautiful creamsicle lily white juvenile female. Breeding program is still in development phase, so it will be a while yet before I offer crested geckos for sale, however pages on care will be coming soon.


So much has happened since the last update. Pixie Pets has acquired even more beautiful hedgehogs to round out the herd. My next pairings are coming soon and hopefully I will have pictures of the herd up in the next couple of days (maybe weeks ha!). I have updated the available hedgehogs page, still have 2 albinos looking for their families, prices have been reduced. I have changed and updated the Adoption Application to include more fields. Pixie Pets is now on mewe, instagram, twitter, facebook, and google (including maps)! Also still working on cage upgrades, hopefully I can show them off in the next month or so. Keep coming back, I promise there's more to come!


Mobile version is live!

Finally have the mobile version up and running, feel free to let me know if anything isn't working like it should. Also made a few small tweaks and added a page where you can download files for offline viewing, includes a care guide, supplies checklist, insect nutrition, and more. I still have more content to add and improvements in the works.


Pixie Pets website goes live

So excited to finally get the website up and running. Please pardon the mess, there are still features I will be adding and whole pages and sections that are yet to be published. Currently only the african pygmy hedgehog pages are available, I do have 3 babies ready to go to good homes.