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Crested Gecko Care Guide
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Available Crested Geckos

Updated 2/19/23
These are all the Crested Geckos I currently have available. Geckos sex is only guaranteed at maturity. Please read the Policies page before deciding on a purchase. Shipping is currently closed, all purchases must be scheduled for pickup or meet up. At this time, you must Contact me to get a link to purchase any gecko. You can also check out the Upcoming Pairings page.

Navarre - Sold


Morph: Dark Base Quad Strip
Additional Traits: Full Pins, Crowned, Dalmatian Spots, Fringe, Knee Caps
Current Weight: 56.8g
Produced by:
AC Reptiles
Hatch Date: 1/21/21
Sex: Guaranteed Male

Personality: Flighty but will calm down

Fired Up

Fired Down

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