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About Me

My name is Michelle and I have always had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. I grew up surrounded by pets and exotic farm animals, some of which included cats, dogs, mice, hamsters, fish, iguanas, mandarin ducks, swans, emus, mouflon sheep, goats, mules, and more. While in high school I got my first job at the local wildlife animal sanctuary, Black Pine, where I got to take care of an even larger variety of animals like monkeys, cougars, tigers, lions, bears, exotic birds, camels, ostriches, and so many more, my favorite was Logan the snow leopard. My current list of pets include, axolotls, leopard geckos, hedgehogs, crested geckos, and mantids. I decided that I should channel my love for animals into a breeding program where I could provide people with quality pets along with information on ethical pet care practices and thus Pixie Pets was formally started.

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